Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kirby Plush Toy

Plush Kirby

My daughter recently became obsessed with Kirby from Nintendo and kept asking for a plush Kirby. A quick google search revealed a tutorial by Seremeres Blog. My kirby plush is made from this pattern (but I didn't read it carefully and didn't do the arms quite right).

Kirby wearing the hats

Well, just a plush Kirby wasn't enough for my daughter, and she wanted his "copy ability" hats. Kirby as quite a few abilities, and since I was also using the Kirby as the "mascot" for my St. Louis Challenge team, I picked some of the easier ones to make first. These headbands are designed with elastic in the back so they fit Kirby's head, as well as both my 3 year olds head and an adults head as well (except for the hammer Kirby one, but it's made of yarn so easy enough to make 2 separate headbands). I didn't use a pattern for these, just made these myself.

close up of fighter hat

close up of hammer hat

close up of leaf hat

St. Louis Challenge Team

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