Friday, November 27, 2009

Week 22 - Happy Thanksgiving

Proud Daddy feeling baby move

Daddy got an awesome Thanksgiving gift yesterday from baby girl - he got to feel her kicking for the first time! Grandma and Grandpa Kyle also got to feel her kicks yesterday afternoon.

I also registered for our childbirth class and the infant care class that the hospital offers this week, and we've almost finished the baby registries. The decor for her room is all planned and picked out but I have no motivation to start cleaning out all the junk that has accumulated over the years in that bedroom which will have to happen before we can start painting and decorating!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bring on the Pink!

It's a GIRL!

In addition to the sex of the baby, the technician checked out many baby's organs and everything is growing just as expected. Apparently all babies grow at about the same rate until 29 weeks when family traits start to kick in, making the baby bigger or smaller than it's peers.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

19 Weeks - back on the Zofran

We're almost to 20 weeks (2 days until this pregnancy is half done!) but there were a couple things from week 19 that I really wanted to update before tomorrow's *hopefully* big announcement (if this baby even has it's legs crossed...).

About a week and a half ago I felt the baby for the first time (that I *knew* was the baby) while we were watching Daddy try on a new suit for my cousin's wedding this past weekend. I think I'd felt the baby before that but wasn't sure and without really knowing I couldn't count it. Anyway, ever since then the baby seems to be moving a little more each day.

I'd been avoiding starting to take the Zofran again (anti-nausea drug), but after throwing up 4 times this week, Tom insisted that I start to take it again...can't blame him I guess...the first was in the car Sunday afternoon on the way back from my cousin's wedding in Chicago - mostly my fault though, I waited too long to stop for lunch, holding out for a Hardees. At least we had the "puke bucket" in the car with us. Then on Monday baby did not care for my snack of popcorn and orange soda and I proceeded to throw up 3 times within just a couple hours - including on the side of the road "I think you're going to have to pull over honey" (we were in his car) and at Chipotle. Still I'd much rather have this random throwing up at this stage in the game than the constant nausea and throwing up and being confined to the house/bed that was weeks 6-16.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Boy or Girl - a look at 12 wives tales

Just a few more days until we find out the answer to the question everyone's been asking - is baby a boy or a girl? I thought it might be fun to guess based on the wives tales...
  1. Chinese Gender Chart - said to be over 90% accurate: boy

  2. Where are you carrying extra weight - in front like a basketball (boy) or all around like a watermelon (girl)? girl

  3. Are you carrying the baby high (girl) or low (boy)? neither - I seem to be in the middle

  4. Do you refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread (girl), or prefer the heel (boy)? girl

  5. Morning Sickness early in pregnancy - yes (girl) or no (boy)? girl

  6. Mayan Legend: Age at conception plus the number of the month of conception - odd (girl) or even (boy)? 26+7=33 is odd which equals girl

  7. Have you been craving sweets (girl) or salty or sour food (boy)? girl (don't ask Tom about the 4 lb bag of skittles...)

  8. Have you been craving meats and cheese (boy) or fruit (girl)? girl (to be fair, I've had a lot of cheese too...)

  9. If someone asks you to show them your hands, you show them palm up (girl) or palm down (boy)? girl

  10. How do you pick up a mug - handle (boy) or body of the mug (girl)? boy

  11. Tie your wedding ring to a string. Hang it over your belly and see if it swings in a circle (boy) or if it goes back and forth (girl). both (it went back and forth first and then started going in a circle...)

  12. The husband's family history - in each of the last few generations, only one girl has been born. As of right now, there are no girls in his family in our generation. So I am calling this wives tale a girl (but Tom thinks this one should be marked boy since more boys are born.)

And the verdict is...based on the wives tales...girl

But we have to wait for Thursday to find out for sure! Feel free to add any more wives tales to the comments section - I know there are lots more out there that I didn't weigh in on above.

Monday, November 02, 2009

New Pics

Baby Belly - 18 weeks

Halloween Costume