Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Summer of Fun: Things to Do

I've become a pinterest addict and I want to actually try some of the ideas I've seen there. Below is a list in no particular order.

  1. Sensory Activities
    1. Waterbeads
  2. Indoor Activities
    1. Foam window clings
    2. Bubble Bath Paint
    3. Music and Movement Rings
  3. Crafts
    1. Paper Bag Puppets
    2. Paint a t-shirt
    3. noodle marble run
    4. Egg Carton Train
    5. collages
    6. Lava Lamp Art Project
  4. Outdoor Activities
    1. kick croquet (make our own set with hulahoops)
    2. Sponge Water Bombs
    3. Hose Shower
    4. Water Balloon Pinatas
    5. Build a PVC Pipe Playhouse
    6. Homemade PVC sprinkler
  5. Bubble Activities
    1. Snake Bubbles
    2. Water Bottle Bubbles
    3. Pipe Cleaner bubble wands
    4. Paper Bubble Cone
    5. Super Strong Bubble Recipe
    6. String and Straw bubble wand
    7. human bubbles
  6. Sidewalk Chalk
    1. Sidewalk Chalk Paint
    2. Trace your body and color in

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Summer of Fun: Places to Go

I am working on a list of awesome toddler ideas to keep Jillian and me occupied this summer, things to go see and do and adventures to have at home. Here is a list of places we can go together. As we make our trips, I'll try to blog about our adventures. The list below is in no particular order.
  1. St. Louis Zoo (new sea lion exhibit opens June 30)
  2. St. Louis Science Center (Discovery Room)
  3. Magic House Trip (Sandcastle Beach exhibit May 17-July 1)
  4. Botanical Gardens (children's garden and feeding the koi)
  5. Tower Grove Park (playground and wading pool)
  6. City Garden
  7. City Museum (Toddler Town exhibit)
  8. Grants Farm
  9. Purina Farms
  10. Circus Flora ("Little Top" Wednesdays - a special 1 hour show for kids at 10 am)
  11. Transportation Museum (new creation station for kids)
  12. Swimming at Ballwin North Pointe Family Aquatic Center
  13. Swimming at Ellisville Edge Aquatic Center
  14. Swimming at Manchester Aquatic Center
  15. Swimming at Chesterfield Family Aquatic Center
  16. Swimming at Des Peres Outdoor Aquatic Center
  17. Free movies at Wehrenberg Theatres (Wednesdays and Thursdays June 6 thru Aug 16)
  18. Laumeier Sculpture Park
  19. Shaw Nature Reserve
  20. Dog Museum at Quenny Park (Is this any good for kids?)
  21. Farmer's Markets
  22. Contemporary Art Museum (They host playdates for kids ages 2-5 on the first Tuesday of each month)
  23. Suson Park Farm
  24. Mark Twain Lake - Spalding Beach
  25. Miscellaneous parks to add to Play St. Louis
  26. Visit family in Columbia, MO
  27. Visit family in Chicago
  28. Visit family in Peoria, IL