Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Cost of Higher Education

"In 1981, most students could earn two-thirds of the cost of a year of college by working full time at a minimum-wage job during the summer. Today, students would have to work full time for an entire year to cover the cost of one year at a public university..."

An interesting article from the Columbia Missourian, A penny saved is a degree earned.

I'd have to say that I definately missed out on a lot of stuff offered by my university because I had to work to get through college. Each year for the 4 years I was in school the tuition was raised, I think by 14% one year from the year before.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Recap of 2006

This survey is about the year 2006. Answer the questions thinking about the past year. My answers are below:
  1. Overall, have you had a good year? It's a good thing we got married this year....otherwise the entire year would have sucked.
  2. What has been your biggest achievement? getting married
  3. Did you take any exams, pass? nope nope I is done with school
  4. Have you been on a vacation (list where and when)? Jamaica in June for the honeymoon, and then Chicago in July to go to Six Flags and Chicago again in October to help some friends move (I don't know if that one counts as a vacation)
  5. Have you bought anything expensive? a new car - 2004 Honda Civic
  6. Have you had a job? yes, been there 1 year and 3 months now
  7. Made any big decisions? I said "I do"
  8. Lost a friend or loved one? In the emotional sense, not the physical (as in she didn't die or anything....)
  9. Met anyone amazing? That's pretty hard to live up to...someone AMAZING...not sure.
  10. Made new friends? yes, some new people at work and friends of friends
  11. Moved house? nope
  12. Changed College? done with college
  13. Tried something new? being married - LOL
  14. Been more happy or sad? happy
  15. Made any enemies? not on purpose...
  16. What music will you remember from this year? I haven't bought a CD in sucks right now.
  17. What movies have you seen at the cinema this year? Believe it or not, I have not seen ANY movies in the theater this year...but I did join netflix
  18. What was your best night out? My wedding day
  19. What was your worst night out? I don't go out much
  20. Best day? my wedding day
  21. Worst day? when our chinchilla Teddy died
  22. Best month? June
  23. Worst month? November
  24. Was summer a gooden'? summer's always good
  25. Have you made better friends with anyone? yes and very glad for it
  26. Lost any friends? makes me sad
  27. Made any plans for next year? not really
  28. How many hair colours have you had? just brown
  29. Got pierced? no...still too scared of needles
  30. Got inked? never!
  31. Changed your image? nope
  32. Missed anyone? yes
  33. Know what you want in the future? yup
  34. Regret anything? yes, but who never does anything they regret?
  35. Have you had any relationships this year? with my husband!
  36. Been to church? yes, I try to go every week but sometimes I can't get out of bed early enough.
  37. Cried yet? happens once in awhile
  38. Been on a diet? I *thought* about going on a diet but never got past that point
  39. Pulled an all nighter? no...I like my sleep
  40. Drank Starbucks? yucky-0
  41. Went Camping? no but I hope too next year
  42. Bought something(s)? lots of things
  43. Met someone special? everyone is special
  44. Been out of state? out of the country in fact
  45. Gone Snowboarding? no...but we got a lot of snow this week and I probably could have.
  46. Gotten in a car accident? well not me...but I was in the car
  47. Gone over your cell phone bill? yes because I had to make sure that we weren't going over our minutes