Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weight Loss Chart

With the new year coming in just a couple days, I decided I needed something to help me stay accountable to the goal of losing weight. I designed the chart below to keep me motivated. I plan to print a copy each week and keep them in a binder to be able to go back and see where I was and where I am now. The document is designed with extra space on the left side so you can three-hole-punch it.

Along the right side is where you enter the date, your current weight, how much you've lost total and how much you have left to lose to meet your goal. This way you can quickly flip through the pages of your binder and see the numbers going up on the "lost" line and down on the "left to lose" line (hopefully!).

For each day there are water bottles, each representing 20 oz of water (the size of a typical water bottle) to mark off as you drink your water each day. There is also a notes section where you can note your exercise or food intake for each day.