Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6 week comparison

On the left is mommy at 6 weeks, on the right is Jillian at 6 weeks

Monday, May 17, 2010

6 weeks

Jillian is 6 weeks old today! Last week we decided to take the sling out of her infant bathtub since she was filling up the whole thing, and just let her lounge in the infant tub. Turns out she LOVES the bath when she can splash around, and doesn't even mind getting water in her eyes. She also calms down in the bath so she's been getting at least one, sometimes two baths a day when she gets worked up too much to console (usually from a diaper change). On the sleeping front, she's awake from 11 pm to 3 am just about every night, and sleeps pretty much all day long. She likes to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed, but only gets to when one of us is awake with her in the bed. Otherwise she sleeps in her bouncer. We get between 3 and 5 hours between feedings at night and 2 hours between feedings during the day. Daddy helped out with our photo shoot today with Mr. Bear, so below are some additional poses he came up with:


Friday, May 14, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

A few of my favorite (baby) things

After being a mother for 5 weeks, I thought I'd share the things that make parenting an infant easier (at least for me!)

Boppy Pillow - The boppy is a must-have for breastfeeding. It is so helpful in supporting the baby and your arms while you're nursing, which allows you to relax more instead of being tense while trying to hold up a baby. Whenever I have to nurse without the boppy it reminds me just how much I love this pillow! I pull the pillow up tightly to my stomach and then lay my baby on it. She knows when the boppy comes out that it's time to eat! Be sure to buy at least 2 slipcovers though, as my baby is a sloppy eater and gets milk on the pillow a lot.

Boppy Pad Liners - I don't know what we'd do without these. They are waterproof pads that go on the changing table, so whenever she poops or pees during a change, we can swap out the pad and not have to take the entire changing pad cover off for washing.

Fleece Sleepers - These are not a specific product, any fleece sleeper will do. Jillian hates blankets, and these are actually warm enough to keep her asleep when she kicks her blankets off.

Playtex Drop-Ins Bottles - I love these because they require very little cleaning. There are only 4 a few pieces - nipple, ring, drop-in liner and the plastic bottle liner holder.  The nipples and rings get washed in the dishwasher in a bottle dishwasher basket, and the bottle liner holder can be reused without washing if needed since all the milk is in the disposable liner.

 Fisher Price Beautiful Garden Comfy Time Bouncer - Another item that I don't know what we'd do without! Sometimes this is the only place we can get her to sleep. I just wish we could remember to turn off the vibration on it when we take her out of it so the battery doesn't get run down as quickly. The vibration is so quiet we forget it's on.

Johnson's Nursing Pads - These are one of those necessary things that you need if you're going to breastfeed. I like this brand the best because the pads are VERY absorbent and they are contoured to the shape of your breast and even have a little indentation for the nipple, unlike a lot of other brands (including the reusable ones) that are just flat.

Fisher Price Rainforest Baby Gym - Jillian loves to watch the lights and listen to the nature sounds. She also plays with the hanging elephant and toucan. Often this will occupy her attention for up to 20 minutes. Also worth noting is that I bought this in great condition for $20 from someone on craigslist (it retails at $69.99).

Graco Travel System - I pretty much don't go anywhere without the stroller anymore, unless there is a cart that I can put Jillian's car seat into. Shopping with her is so easy with the travel system, she usually sleeps in the stroller and when she fusses, pushing her around is usually enough to make her happy.

Medela Symphony Breast Pump - I originally picked up the Simplisse manual breastpump, which I really like, but it's slow to use. After a couple weeks, I ended up renting the Medela Symphony electric pump. It's super easy to use, and lets you pump both sides at once. It takes just 10 minutes for me to pump each morning to get 3 bottles worth. I've been keeping 4 pumped bottles in the fridge for Tom to give Jillian when I'm either asleep or away from home, and freezing any additional milk pumped for future use.

Nursing Shirts - I love nursing shirts. Being able to nurse without having to lift up the whole shirt is so nice. I highly recommend picking up at least a couple nursing shirts if you're going to breastfeed. I have 2 and I am thinking of picking up a few more.

Happy Mother's Day

Jillian and I with the flowers daddy helped
her pick out for me for Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

1 month old

Jillian is 1 month old already!

Here are some highlights:
  • She loves to eat and even seems to dream about eating (she makes sucking motions in her sleep)
  • We go for walks in the stroller around the neighborhood a lot, she likes this for the most part except for when mommy isn't paying attention and hits a big bump!
  • She likes to sleep on mommy, not so much in her bassinet or her crib. This frustrates us at bedtime, as one of us is up most of the night with her these days.
  • She's outgrown all her newborn clothes, and is in the 3 month clothes now.
  • She's getting really good at holding up her head for short periods of time.
  • Next week we go to the doctor for her 1 month checkup, so I'll update then with her weight.