Saturday, September 26, 2009

FAQs: The First Trimester

Baby bump at 13 weeks (to quote Tom, "you're going to be huge")
  1. Are you sure you aren't having twins, since you've been so sick? Yes, I'm sure, I've had 4 different ultrasounds now, and NONE show any sign of a second baby.

  2. Have you tried ________ to combat the morning sickness? Yes, I can almost guarantee that whatever it is that worked for you, I've tried it!

  3. What cravings have you had? Kind of hard to have cravings when you are throwing up most things that you eat...we'll see what the second trimester brings. Tom is hoping for white castle and sauerkraut cravings...I told him not to hold his breath!

  4. How do the chinchillas feel about the baby? Well, Roo was not too pleased when she heard the news, she stopped in mid-air while reaching for a treat and stared at me when she heard the word "baby". Chili really enjoys bouncing off my belly, and now that Fipsy is back to eating on his own, he's attached at the hip to me whenever he sees me and demands to be held. When he's out playing he spends most of the time sitting next to me and watching over me. Schmoopy has no idea that she's going to lose her bedroom here in a few months...

Friday, September 25, 2009

13 Weeks - Eat, Puke, Repeat

The "feeling good" that I alluded to last week was short lived...this week I've felt horrible nearly every waking moment, and threw up 13 times in the last week, including at the former Crestwood Macy's last night (made it to the bathroom, don't worry, however I don't think the bathroom had been cleaned since they closed the store...). In addition to the nausea and vomiting, this week I've also had a headache nearly every day.

Friday, September 18, 2009

12 weeks

Yay, we made it to 12 weeks so I have now posted all the previous blog entries that I wrote up while we were waiting for this point.

At our doctor appointment today, the doctor used the fetal doppler to listen to the baby's heart beat, but Tom and I couldn't distinguish my heart beat from the baby's from the background noise so we got another ultrasound so we could see the heart beat again. This time we also saw some little arms and legs and fingers and the baby was bouncing around too. And of course the baby's heart beat blinking away. Watching the baby on screen is SO much better than just looking at the ultrasound pictures. I told the doctor today that I could sit and watch all day long. That got me about 10 extra seconds of baby watching time - lol.

This week I've had 2 days without puking, and even ate some pizza and bread co without it coming back up, so we are really, really hoping that this means that the sick phase is almost over

Friday, September 04, 2009

Another trip to the ER...

Just shy of 2 weeks since the last visit to the ER, we ended up visiting once again. This trip was much less exciting than the new pics to share either. Basically I hadn't kept down anything since dinner the night before (water, crackers, etc), and threw up 3 times by about 11:45 am. Tom insisted we go back to the ER, which was much busier during the day (but I still got in right away, apparently they don't like to leave pregnant women out in the waiting room with all the other sickies!).

They gave me 2 bags of fluids thru IV, and then after I kept ice, then water, then crackers down they let me go home. Total time spent in the ER – about 5 hrs. This time though, Tom packed up our laptops before we left the house so at least we had something to entertain ourselves - and the nurses got quite a laugh at the two of us sitting with our laptops in the ER. And besides, the ER offers free wifi, so why not?

This "morning sickness" thing is really getting old...going on 4 weeks now of non-stop upset stomach, nausea and daily throwing up. I'm really not sure what I'd do if I had to go into an office job everyday...