Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Viva Las Spaces!

You have to sing the subject line when you see it - LOL.

The latest edition of the Tidy Cats adventure is available for your viewing pleasure. This time they've stopped in Las Vegas! Check it Out!

Monday, September 19, 2005


I received this letter in the mail today from SBC:

"We would like to talk to you about the outstanding balance on your former telephone account. We would also like to offer you the opportunity to regain sBC services after you have paid the outstanding amounts.

We have not received payment in the amount of $81.19. If you have not made your payment, please do so immediately or call us to make satisfactory payment arrangements."

The interesting thing is, I've called and discussed this matter with SBC no less than three (3) times. I moved out of my apartment at the end of July, canceled my SBC telephone line and DSL at that time. I called at the beginning of July, and asked whether I should pay my last bill, and they said no. Then I called at the end of July to cancel my service and the operator said I should get a refund. I looked over the bill and it looked like I should have paid the last one they had sent at the beginning of July, but the woman at SBC told me not to, so I didn't. It was in the amount of $46.

Then I get a bill in the mail for $81.19. I called up SBC and explained that I probably did owe $46 but definately did not owe $81.19. The woman agreed with me after looking over the account and told me to disregard the bill and they would send me a revised one. I forgot about SBC until today when I got this letter. Come on folks, how hard is it!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Now Showing: Gateway to the Best

Check it out, Phoebe, Roscoe and Zinger have made it to St. Louis! Watch their silly adventures on the Tidy Cat® website!

Friday, September 09, 2005

My wedding dress!

I ordered my wedding dress last night from Bridal Connections in Florissant! How crazy is that! Click here if you want to see a picture (Gimlet...don't click the link!) I tried on 42 dresses and this happened to be the second one and it's the one that I went back to and ordered!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Crappy Websites

So in the midst of planning a wedding I have been awakened to the large number of crappy websites out there. Ok, so I already knew there were a lot of crappy websites, but you'd think that in the wedding business, with how competitive it is, and how much people use the web for research etc. regarding their wedding, that businesses would want to stand out in the crowd. But aparently not. Either that or they are in need of a good web designer (and/or QA department!) Here are just a few examples of wedding website problems

  • Bridal Shops that hand out fliers at bridal shows that have their website address on them. When you go to that address it says "this domain has expired" or "site coming soon" or my favorite "site no longer exists". Hello! I am going to your website to see what you've got, to see if it's worth my time to visit your store!
  • Yesterday I was researching DJs and came across one in town who had their website address on their flier. I went to the website and it hadn't been updated for nearly two years. I went to the "date checker" to see if our date is available and the drop down for year had "2003, 2004, 2005". Maybe you should update your site if you want business!
  • Dress designers sites that are so hard to navigate you don't know where to find the dress you're looking for.
  • Websites where you fill out a form for more info, click the submit button and it come up with a page that says "sorry your form could not be submitted." Thanks for telling me now after I've spent the time to fill in all the fields! (another DJ's website had this problem. Needless to say, I crossed them off my list!)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

"This is where we used to live"

I thought of that song by the Barenaked Ladies today called, "The Old Apartment" that goes, "Broke into the old apartment...This is where we used to live..." I drove by the apartments that I used to live in, and by the picture you can see what has happened to it! (by the way, that isn't the exact building that I lived in, mine is still standing across the street, waiting for it's turn to be knocked down, and if the door hadn't been bolted closed I probably would have gone up into my old apartment...)

As I was driving home today, I took hwy 170 to hwy 40 and glanced over from the highway to the apartments I used to live in. I usually look at them when I drive by, because I heard that they were going to tear them down. Well today when I looked I didn't see the corner building. I made a bee-line for the next exit and doubled back to check it out. Wow. It's kinda weird to see a building you used to live in being torn down and destroyed.

Manhassett Village. I lived there for just one year. I didn't even really like living there! The office staff were terrible, it took forever to get maintenance - when they actually took care of it! My ceiling/window leaked and all they offered was to paint over the wall stains, not fix the problem outside. The grounds are not kept up or cleaned, the parking lots are not lit well enough, there was a criminal incident in one of the back parking lots. Yeah, needless to say, I couldn't wait to move.

The thing is that those apartments were the only ones in the area that are affordable to people/students who don't have a ton of money. They are replacing them with 500 condominium units ranging from 2-story town homes, mid-rise buildings and a 15-story high-rise building. I'll bet that these new units aren't going to be affordable!

Time to say good bye to a crap hole of Manhassett Village.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gas Prices

Gas went up SIXTY (60) cents in one day yesterday. I went to bed Tuesday night with gas at $2.42, the lowest that it had been for awhile. I still had a half a tank so I didn't even think about it. Next morning gas was $2.69. Well, I figured it couldn't go any higher, it already increased thirty cents since the night before so I decided to just get gas on my way home. On my way home gas was $2.99. SHIT thirty more cents in the same day?! I called Gimlet and told him. He was just as shocked as me.

What is in store for the next few days? Gas reaching $4 and $5? According to St. Louis Gas Prices.com, the most expensive gas in the area is $3.39 in Madison, IL. The cheapest, is $2.69 on broadway downtown. And to think, when I got my car three and a half years ago we had some of the lowest gas in recent history. I think there might have been a couple times that I got gas for UNDER $1!*sigh*