Friday, September 24, 2010

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 2

  1. This morning I had to change Jillian's diaper when she woke up at 6:45 - I usually wait until we get out of bed around 8:30 to change her, as changing her diaper signals that it's morning and she won't go back to sleep after she nurses if I change her diaper first. Anyway, I didn't bother to put clothes back on her since we were going to be under the covers in my bed. The little stinker started opening the tabs on her diaper! Guess we won't be going around in just a diaper much anymore!

  2. So what do you think about the Katy Perry/Sesame Street debate? We don't watch Sesame Street yet (she doesn't show any interest - but she loves the Wonder Pets and Yo Gabba Gabba on NickJr), but I watched the video and to be honest, I probably wouldn't have thought much of her outfit. Kind of sad as I'm so used to seeing this kind of stuff on regular TV that I don't think it would have jumped out at me.

  3. Jillian loves touching things and has recently shown an interest in touching animals - this week we pet a dog during a walk one morning, and she has pet Chili the chinchilla a couple times now. Of course as luck would have it, the inlaws 70 lb golden retriever is scared of her! I am anxious to take her to the zoo and see if she shows interest in the animals there.

  4. I just read yesterday that our trash collection company, Veolia has sold off all their equipment, trucks, etc, as of Oct. 1 to a different local company. Problem is that Veolia has contracted with the county, and the county won't switch the contract to the new company without bidding out the collection service which takes 60 days. I just want to know who is going to be collecting the trash for us next Friday (Oct. 1).

  5. We tried the mesh feeder this week for the first time - Jillian loves feeding herself. We've done apples and bananas in the feeder so far. Check out the video below of Jillian eating an apple slice.

  6. She's also really into Baby Mum Mum's (rice crackers that dissolve in her mouth) now, as evidence from the picture below. I have found these at Walgreens and Walmart.

  7. Lastly, our kitchen has ants in it again. This usually happens in the spring but the huge rain we had a few days ago brought them in and it's driving me crazy!
PS - I know I haven't posted the 5 month update yet - it's coming, eventually!

    Monday, September 06, 2010

    Growing Up Fast

    This past week Jillian has done several new things...
    • She is sitting (unassisted) really well now, and can move from sitting to laying on her stomach. She has even gotten her knees under her trunk a few times but hasn't actually started to move yet. I'm pretty sure she'll be crawling in the next month though.
    • During the day whenever I fill a glass with water from the fridge dispenser, I let Jillian feel the cold glass and recently I have been letting her taste the water. Well we were at a restaurant for lunch on Friday and the waitress sat Tom's glass of iced tea in front of him. He was holding Jillian and she immediately put both hands on the glass and started pulling it toward her mouth. Not only did she taste the tea but she started licking the lime stuck on the top of the glass!
    • Today we were sitting on the couch eating our dinner (Chipolte) and I had sat Jillian on the floor in front of me while we were eating. She looked up at me and crossed her arms over her chest and stuck out her bottom lip! I've never seen her cross her arms before.