Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Fancy Parking

Do you fancy park? Do you know what fancy parking is? I've just been enlightened by this website: fancyparking.com. Aparently fancy parking is when you park in a parking spot with the front of your car facing out instead of the back. Basically backing into a spot or doing a pull-thru (my personal favorite way to park). The website also shows you other ways to achieve a fancy parking job. Check it out - it'll at least give you a laugh!


Christmas was quite enjoyable this year. But to understand you have to know that every year my entire life my family would travel to Chicago and Peoria to see my grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins for Christmas. This normally meant driving 8 hours from Columbia, MO to Chicago, in the cold December weather, while squished into the back seat of a small compact car and 2 other siblings. Only once in my life did I not travel for Christmas - when I was 7, my little brother was born 9 days before Christmas so we did not travel.

Anyway, this year Tom and I opted for a relaxing Christmas. We had dinner and opened presents with Tom's parents and grandma on Christmas Eve (and opened lots of cool presents including warm, fuzzy pajamas, vertical horizon cd, gift certificate for target, and a new alarm clock (the lovely chinchillas chewed up the cord of my old one). The chinchillas got some chew treats/toys. After a quiet and relaxing evening Tom and I attended midnight mass at St. Joeseph in Manchester church, and then decided to go ahead and open our presents to each other at 1:30 am on Christmas morning when we got home. From Tom and the chinchillas I got the Rob Thomas cd, 101.1 the river cd, and the Trans-siberian Orchestra cd, Mario Party 7 for gamecube, the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, the Simpsons season 6, and an adopted polar bear from the St. Louis Zoo (well the Polar Bear has to stay at the zoo...but I'm his adopted mother).

And there's still more to come...this weekend we are visiting my family in Columbia to exchange gifts with them!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

What's in YOUR stocking?

What's in YOUR stocking?

Dusty Fipsy

Dusty Fipsy!

snow snow snow

Well we got thru the first snow of the year. Snow used to be fun when we got out of school for it, and could just go outside and build a snowman and go sledding. We didn't have to worry about driving 45 minutes to work in the snow, dodging bad drivers, or shoveling the driveway. Basically I hate winter, snow, ice, cold....

On another note, Gimlet and I decorated our house for Christmas yesterday. :)