Friday, July 24, 2009

It's positive!

Rather than write a separate blog about the baby, I figured I'd just write up a few entries and then post them all when we're ready to share the news. So for the next few entries, refer to the date in the entry, rather than the date it was posted!

It's been exactly 30 days since my last period, so not being able to wait another day to see if it showed up, I took a pregnancy test, but left it on the bathroom sink before it registered the result and sent Tom in to give me the news (too many "not pregnant" results in previous months that I wanted him to look at it first...).

Tom looked at the result and said "Oh my're pregnant!"

Tom had already taken the day off, just to relax after not having a vacation all summer long, so we each called a friend to share the news and then spent the afternoon together at the zoo.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vic the Horse Mascot for Victory Junction

Victory Junction Gang Camp added another stuffed animal to their sewing program, Vic the Horse, so of course I had to attempt it. It went a lot better than the teddy bears that I made for Victory Junction a couple years ago - and it's cuter too! Each camper at the Victory Junction Gang Camp receives a hand-made camp teddy bear or a Vic the Horse mascot to take home. Find out more about the sewing program on their website.