Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tidy Cats Scoop® Small Spaces™

Check it out, Tidy Cats' latest marketing piece is live! It's a very silly piece about three fictional cats, Rosco, Phoebe and Zinger. They are making a trek across the United States from NY City to Los Angeles. They are traveling in a Mini Cooper which is tiny and promoting the new Tidy Cats Scoop® Small Spaces™ that is designed to neutralize odors in tight places. Check it out now!

So why am I telling you this, as I don't have a cat, and I'm allergic to cats?? Because we at Infuz made the website! I personally didn't do much...most of it was done before I started working there. But I did the beginning and ending slides on the slide show...and the TCSS product page (which isn't live yet but will be soon).

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I hate stupid people

I hate stupid people. Why are people stupid? Are they born stupid? Is it genetic? Do their parents instill the value of stupidness in them as a child? For some reason the stupid people seem to be out in full force in the mornings when I'm driving to work.

1) Last week I'm driving up hwy 44 in the morning on my way downtown for work and traffic is moving extremely slow. We pass 270 and finally people start to pick up speed. I'm in the left lane, trying to avoid all the freaks getting onto 270, but the guy behind me decides I'm not going fast enough. Mind you we are on a hill and I'm trying to get my little car up to speed. He lays on his horn, then swerves onto the shoulder to pass me. I look up and he's almost out of sight already. Must have really wanted to get to work huh. Maybe they were going to fire him if he came to work late one more time. Probably deserves it if that was the case.

2) After a few days taking hwy 44 and dealing with the traffic jams at 270 I started taking Big Bend from the house to 44 to avoid that area. So I'm traveling down Big Bend and I'm at a stoplight. I hear a siren and then see an ambulance coming from the other direction on Big Bend. I have a red light and I'm out of the way, but these freaks decide to just try and make a left turn while the ambulance is coming thru the intersection. Come on people! Stop and pull over for an emergency vehicle, even if you have a green light! Someday it could be you in that ambulance and I bet you'd want people to stop for you! It's just common courtesy.

3) Today I was almost downtown with no incident. Then, as I'm passing the left exit for Lafayette Ave. from 44 (right before 44 hits hwy 55) this guy swerves over in front of me from the lane that is exiting. Meanwhile traffic has slowed in front of me so he slams on his brakes, slides a couple feet in the lane and there's white smoke all around him. So I have to slam on the brakes to avoid running into the stupid guy in front of me. He just acts like nothing happened and continues on his way down to Washington Ave. To think...he works on the same street as me...and he got to work 0.3 seconds faster than I did but could have caused a serious accident.

Sorry for the rant, but please don't be stupid on the road. It's not worth it!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Stupid School

Ah yes, my alma mater; they is really good at grammar! Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the statement on the above is not correct grammar. Shouldn't it be "The faculty are really good; they care about you."? The above image is from the homepage of none other than the University of Missouri-St. Louis. They are working hard to improve student recruitment and retention, and apparently they're appealing to those students who ain't got no grammar skills!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

LOOK! No Braces!

I got my braces off yesterday! The first picture is the before and the second is the after (obviously). The first picture is so much clearer cause they took that one at the orthodonist office and I took the second one myself.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Visit to Grant's Farm

So, since Gimlet and I didn't have to work today we decided to visit Grant's Farm. Neither of us had been there before (well according to my mom we went there once when I was really little but I don't remember going). First we rode the tram around most of the park. We passed mostly deer, but saw zebra and ostrich. (Talk about a big bird! the ostrich stood 9 feet tall!)

Then we got off the tram and walked thru the center part of the park where they have elephants, camels, birds, and lots of annoying kids. The best part was feeding the baby goats from baby bottles. My mom has a picture of me feeding baby goats at the St. Louis Zoo when I was about two, and I just commented to my fiance (Gimlet) that I wish you could still feed them at the zoo. So as you can see from the pictures on this post (click on them to see it bigger), the goats were absolutely thrilled to get some milk. They pushed and shoved trying to get to it!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Chicken 'n' Corn

So I thought I'd be ambitious and cook chicken and corn for dinner. (I was going to make potatos too but my fiance didn't want to stop at Schnucks on the way home from the hardware store.) I bought 2 frozen "mini hens" and figured they couldn't be that hard to make. So I go to make them tonight.

First I get chicken blood all over the kitchen (I hate thinking about the meat - which I love - as an animal anyway) because when I open the package it spills all over the counter. So I try to carry it to the sink really fast to empty the rest of the package and it drips over the floor. Then I read the instructions and find out I'm supposed to salt and pepper the chickens (that's easy enough) and truss them. So I learned what trussing a chicken is. According to Merriam-Webster Online, trussing is "to arrange for cooking by binding close the wings or legs of (a fowl)". Well, do you think I have any string?!

Well, I guess I'll have to let you know how my dinner comes out. Hm...I think I'll make stove top stuffing to go with the chicken and corn since we don't have any potatos.

Wow, three posts in one day! Can you tell I don't have a job right now?!

The Wedding Show

We went to the wedding show yesterday at the America's Center downtown. (By the way, isn't that the WORST graphic above? Whoever designed it probably used microsoft paint - yuck!) Anyway, so now it's time to make some more wedding decisions. Based on the info collected at the two wedding shows I attended here's what I get to sort through:

Photographers: 70
Transportation: 9
Florist: 25
DJs: 19

What fun this is going to be! Actually I can't wait to pick out the dress and the honeymoon details (Mexico-think all inclusive, dolphins, beaches, pools and sun).

My Favorite TV Commercial

My favorite TV commercial is for Geico Car Insurance. It's the one where it looks like an ad for a new reality show and even has the announcers voice. Then you get to the end of it and it's like "The drama will be real but it won't save you any money on car insurance!". HAHAHAHAHA

If you haven't seen this commercial you HAVE to check it out. Go to The Martin Agency and click on "What we've done" and then click the Geico logo on the right hand side. When you click "TV: Tiny House" you can view the commercial.