Saturday, February 26, 2011

Extreme Couponing CVS, vol. 2

No picture this week because I already ate the jellybeans!

ECB = Extra Care Bucks. They are printed with your receipt when you check out and are good toward your next purchase at CVS.

Total before discounts/coupons:
- Jelly Beans - $0.99 (get $0.99 ECB with purchase)
- Colgate Total Advanced 5.8 oz - $4.49 (get $2 ECB with purchase)
- Sunday Newspaper - $2
Total: $7.48

Used the following coupons:
- $0.50 colgate from newspaper coupon insert
- $2 Extra Care Bucks (ECB)
- $3.79 ECB

Out of pocket I paid $1.27, but then I realized that the toothpaste ECB did not print. After asking the cashier about this, he adjusted the price of the toothpaste and printed the ECBs for me manually.

Total value of purchases: $7.48
Total out of pocket: $1.27
Total into pocket: $2.99 ECBs, plus a CVS gift card worth $1.61 from the manual price adjustment on the toothpaste
Total ECBs left over from last week: $10

Take the Total ECBs and gift card minus the total out of pocket, and you get a profit of $3.33


As it now stands, here are my savings year to date at CVS:

Total value of purchases: $67.33
Total out-of-pocket that I paid: $14.51
Total ECBs generated: $18.78

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Ebethteach said...

Girl you rock at this! Too bad there are no CVS stores near me.