Friday, October 01, 2010

5th Month Memories

5 months with Mr. Bear
This blog entry is WAY late as she turns 6 months next Tuesday. At any rate, here's a recap of Jillian's 5th month:
  • Sleeps in her crib at night
  • Kicks her legs and waves her arms around (we call it restless baby leg)
  • Loves to splash in the bath
  • Sits in highchairs at restaurants and the shopping cart at stores

  • Started checking out board books from the library with Mommy
  • Looks for dropped toys
  • Sits upright in the stroller
  • Sits unassisted for several minutes at a time
  • Started green beans, peas and carrots this month
  • Reached out and felt the rain
  • Loves the jumperoo

1 comment:

Ebethteach said...

How cute is she!!! The jumperoo is the best thing ever I swear. I wished I had one for my first two once I got one.
Love, love the pics.