Monday, April 19, 2010

The first 2 weeks...

2 weeks old

I can't believe that 2 weeks have already gone by since Jillian was born! It was a crazy 2 weeks, as I had an allergic reaction (hives and swelling) to the pain medicine the hospital sent me home with and had to go to the emergency room, and then I spent 3 days with the worst headache ever while withdrawing from the pain medicine being stopped suddenly. I'm finally feeling more normal, and can enjoy spending time with the newest member of the family. But enough about me, here's what we've learned about Jillian:
  • Jillian lost ~8 oz in her first 5 days (very common for newborns) but had already gotten back up to her birth weight by her 1 week birthday. It will be interesting to see what her weight is at her 1 month check up.
  • Likes: She LOVES to eat and sticks out her tongue and opens and closes her mouth when she's ready to eat to let us know, and pants like a puppy when she knows the "food" is coming. She also loves to sleep curled up on Mommy's chest, and when she's awake, she likes to lift her head (which she can already hold up for several seconds at a time) up and look at Mommy with her big eyes.
  • Dislikes: being swaddled, clothes (especially if they cover her hands), having chinchillas visit her while she's sleeping
  • She has the uncanny ability to spit up within 2 minutes of being dressed in a brand new outfit. 
  • At 12 days we made our first adventure out of the house to someplace other than the doctor's office - we had lunch at Bob Evans and then went to Babies R Us. 
 The youngest customer at Bob Evans (12 days old)
  • At 13 days we got ice cream at Fritz's (she slept thru the whole thing!)
  • At 2 weeks (today), she grasped an object besides mommy or daddy's hand for the first time in the baby gym. She tried to eat from the toucan's nose (well I guess it's a similar shape to a nipple?).
 Trying to eat from the toucan's nose, and grasping onto the ring to pull it closer

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    She looks much older than 2 weeks sitting in Mom's rocking chair.