Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Love Fireworks!!!

I got to see three fireworks shows this year. On Sunday night I went to Webster Groves with Liz, and watched their pre-preview fireworks show. It was a great show, quite a display. We were really close to the action (close enough for me to end up holding a crying baby who was scared to death of the fireworks, while his mommy took pictures of the fireworks - however she did get some really good pictures). Then we put the baby on some carnival rides - the little cars and boats that go around in a circle, a little kiddy train that goes around on a little track, and the carousal. By the end of the night he was waving to us as he went around in a circle on the ride. It was a fun night getting out of the house and doing something different.

Monday night Gimlet and I accidentally ran into the Twin Oaks fireworks display while going to get ice cream at fritz's. We enjoyed frozen custard and watched an impressive show for a town so small.

Tonight we went to see the Manchester fireworks. I brought along our digital camera to try my had at shooting pictures of fireworks (the best one is the one I put on this blog entry). It's a lot harder than it looks. It's hard to know when to hit the shutter button because while the firework looks neat when you hit the button, by the time the picture is shot, the firework is gone. The Manchester fireworks display left something to be desired. The show was really short and they shot the fireworks really slow. Just one at a time and waited until the sky was completely empty to send up another one. Finally right before the finale they started sending up two at a time. I think we'll try Ballwin's fireworks next year. We could see their show way off in the distance and it started before Manchesters, and ended after. Oh well, at least the rain held off during the show.


gimlet said...

Not sure what happened with Manchester's display. Since moving to the area in 2003, we've seen their shows in 2004 and 2005 as well, and they were pretty good.

We noticed that a fair number of shells seemed to have exploded a lot closer to the ground than we expected. Perhaps the light rain had wreaked some sort of havoc?

As a consolation, we got to see the finale of another show from the Lowe's parking lot. We assume it was from Ellisville...

elizabeth said...

Yes- I did get a lot of super cool pictures at Webster Groves. Thanks for playing with Andrew so I could take them. (Kathy went there last night and they were supposely horrible all deads.) We just went to Overland's tonight and of course Andrew starting crying again. But this time he went from tears and screaming to oh ahs and then snores. The little dude feel asleep during the fireworks. I am just amazed that he was able to sleep through the noise.

froggiegirl said...

I'm shocked that he slept thru the fireworks seeing how he was on Sunday. Babies are so funny like that!